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May 23, 2006


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Andrea Amador

Hi Christine,

I love your blog! It has such great information in it. I'd just like to add a bit more about the process that you are describing.

As a Certified Energy Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, my focus is on teaching women how to get control of emotional or stress eating by focusing the power of their mind to effect the greatest degree of change in their behavior.

I often teach my clients how to use a technique called Mental Rehearsal. This gives them outstanding results and serves to crystalize their outcomes.

You might ask... Why does this work? This technique is highly effective since the brain is unable to differentiate between an imagined thought and what is perceived as reality. A simple example of this is to think about sucking on a lemon. The mere suggestion is enough to make many people salivate.

In the case of mental rehearsal, a person practices or performs an action in their mind before actually doing it. This is a well known strategy that is used by peak performers and top athletes.

I welcome you to read my extended post on Mental Rehearsal: Visualize Yourself A Winner At Weight Control on my blog at http://www.thejuicywomanblog.com/2006/02/mental_rehearsa.html#more This post will give the specific steps to take in order to achieve maximum benefit with this powerful technique. Try it and see how it works the next time you have a challenge. Visualize taking each of the steps to achieve your goal and then take those steps. You'll notice that taking the steps after mentally rehearsing them will always be much easier. You've already laid down tracks in your mind of how to do it. It's just like footprints in the sand.

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