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March 21, 2007


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I like your Health policy


Good Post


Good post. There are a lot of ways we can push our bodies when we are stuck in a sedentary part of our life-for example at work. I sometimes have to bring back a couple boxes of paper for our printers. I do 25 dead lifts with the boxes to get my metabolism fired up a little. Then I take the stairs.


Thanks for the exercise tip. The days I don't feel like exercising I will try the routine.

Looking for healthy eating tips during the holiday season check out the Getting Off the Diet Merry-Go-Round blog (www.theloveyourselfcoach.blogspot.com)


Yes, I'm always happy to answer questions online. Simply post your question and I'll respond. Thanks for your interest!



do you also follow-up questions online


Good ideas! I'll give some of these a try, thank you! Always looking for ways to avoid boredom.

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